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The Raptors of Stillman Nature Center

Click on the bird name below the slide show to view articles detailing the birds of prey featured at Stillman

Barn Owl (Tyto alba)

Broad-winged Hawk (Buteo platypterus)

Eastern Screech-owl (Megascops asio)

Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura)

Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus)

Red-shouldered Hawk (Buteo lineatus)

Snowy Owl  (Bubo scandiacus)

Barn Owl-F.mp3 Eastern Screech-owl-F.mp3 Snowy_Owl.mp3 Broad-winged Hawk.mp3 Peregrine falcon.mp3 Red-shouldered Hawk.mp3

Barred Owl (Strix varia)

Barred owl.mp3

Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus)

Great Horned Owl-F.mp3 turkey vulture 2.mp3